Waterproof Bike Bag 27L Travel Cycling Bag Basket Bicycle Rear Rack Tail Seat Trunk Bags


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Tips: Item only include the bag. Bag is one side bag.

In the box it’s write 10L/20L,but when open it fully,it can be 18L/27 L.
And now the buckle is spring buckle

Product Details:

Condition: Brand New
Series: W1 Series AS-00
Capacity: About 10-18L,About 20-27L
Material: 840D and 420D Nylon + TUP waterproof fabric
Size: About 46*34*21*18cm,About 30*28*14cm
Weight: About 1002G,900G,560G


As-003 will come with a shoulder strap, but only this style


Large capacity, Waterproof, Reflective, Portable, Easy to clean
Please follow instruction, Incorrect usage will not prevent water from entering the bag
Tips: Box may be damaged by post office in long transit, but bag will be fine.
If there are only the broken box, bag is fine, we can’t refund for you.

Stratified Storage

The bag has a classified storage pocket inside, which is convenient for sorting and placing various small items, which is easy to find.

Waterproof New Technology

The AS series uses a much better material, so it has better water
resistance, better wear resistance, and it is easy to clean.


Whether it is oil or rain, you only need to wipe it you can easily remove it.

Seamless Connection

Carry It With You

The tail of the bag has a hand-held design, which can be carried out with a bag to ensure the safety and convenience of the item.

Crimping Method

The traditional zipper closure method is easy to seep in rainy days.
This model is a closed-loop closed method. The opening is notdirectly exposed to rain and it is not easy to enter the water.

Packaging Tutorials

The back side of the basic bag is made of reflective design. At night the warning effect is upgraded. The anti-reflection is added to the side net pocket to expand the capacity. Some maintenance tools or daily items can be classified.

Installation Display

1:The spring setting buckle directly snaps into the quick release frame
2:Bilateral fixed snaps are successively inserted
3:Secure the bottom swivel bracket


1. Wipe off all dirt and put it in a dry place and keep it away from direct sunlight
2. Clean with soapy water and dry fully. Do not use any chemical cleaner!
3. Store in a cool ventilated area.

How to use it?

1. Place your belongings in the bag and leave around 1/2 to 1/3 of the bag empty
2. Squeeze out trapped air as much as possible
3. Roll the neck tightly around the fasteners at least 3-4 times

Waterproof Bike Bag 27L Travel Cycling Bag Basket Bicycle Rear Rack Tail Seat Trunk Bags

Additional information


AS-001, AS-001 Black, AS-002 Yellow, AS-002 Black, AS-003 Yellow, AS-003 Black, AS-002-1C, AS-001-3Y


Poland, China, Russian Federation, SPAIN, United States

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