Waterproof Bicycle Computer Wireless 5 Language Cycling Bike Odometer Stopwatch Speedometer 2.1in Bike Computer


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The appearance and color of these two style computer are a little different, and the functions are almost the same. Please choose and buy according to your preferences.

A Style Introduction

Model: Wireless
Specification:Screen size 2.1inch
Gross Weight: About 93.2g
Net Weight: About 33.2g
Application: MTB Road Bike
Color: White Black
Battery: CR2302 button battery*1
Waterproof:Daily waterproof
Installation position:Handlebar
Display Five Languages(English,Deutsch,France,Dutch,Espanol)
Transmitting distance:the max 60cm/23.62inch
Package Content: 1*Head device, 1*Bracket, 1*Sensor, 1*Magnet, 2*Sponge Pad, Plastic strap,1*Rubber loop

Feature: Backlight, Multifunctional, Easy to use

Five Languages:systems:English,Deutsch,France,Dutch,Espanol

Computer made of quality material with fine process, it’s lightweight, portable, durable, waterproof, resistant to high and low temperature. The screen is luminous and clearly display the time, average speed, maximum speed, distance, etc. And support for five language

Function Introduction:

1.Display Five Languages 2.Clock 3.Stop Watch 4.Temperature 5.Metric/Imperial alternative 6.Scan:Automatic Circulation 7.Wheel Setting 8.Analogy Speed indicator 9.AUTO ON/OFF 10.Trip up/down 11.Calorie consumption(KCAL) 12.LED backlight 13.Current speed 14.AVG speed/MAX speed 15.Speed comparison prompts 16.Riding Distance/time 17.Total distance/time 18.Weekly riding time/distance 19.Automatic memory and updated every weekly

B Style Introduction

Waterproof: water resisit
Net Weight:30g
Gross weight:96.5g
Appliction:MTB,Road bike,Rixed Gear
Backlight color:White​
Power Supply: CR2032H*2
Package content:1*Head device,1*bracket,1*sensor,1*magnet,2*rubber slice,3*Plastic strap,1*O-ring

Features:Backlight,multifunction,easy to use, water resisit,5 languages

Note: Waterproof:Can be used in rainy day but not allowed soak in water

Waterproof Bicycle Computer Wireless 5 Language Cycling Bike Odometer Stopwatch Speedometer 2.1in Bike Computer

Additional information


A style Wireless, B style Wireless


China, SPAIN, Russian Federation

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