New Balance Unicycle.powered Unicycle /electri Unicycle/single Wheel Maxdriving Mileage35Km.max Speed20Km … #8723-Emma

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new balance unicycle.powered unicycle /electri unicycle/single wheel maxdriving mileage35km.max speed20km /h



Basic Parameters






Max speed

About 20km/h

Depend on the rider’s weight, road conditions and environment temperature

Endurence distance

About 15-35km

Depend on the rider’s weight, road conditions and environment temperature

Max climbing angle

About 45 degrees

Depend on the rider’s weight, road conditions and environment temperature


132/178/210 watt-hour lithium battery

The protection board has the balancing function.

Suitable temperature

10 ~ 40 degrees below zero

The most suitable temperatures are 10-30degress Centigrade

Max load



Charger voltage

AC 220V 50-60Hz


Charging time

About 60min


Appearance & Weight


Length: about 450mm; height: about 395mm

Max thickness is about 160 mm; minimum thickness is about 70mm

Pedal-ground clearance

About 112mm

No load state

Tire size

14 inches


Unicycle weight

About 9.8/11.5kg

Excluding auxiliary wheels

Protection Measures

Tilt protection

About 45 degrees leftwards or rightwards

The motor will stop working when the tilt angle is more than 45 degrees.

Speed limit protection

Activated when the speed is greater than 12km/h

The pedal’s front end is gently raised up to prevent further acceleration

Low battery protection

Activated when the battery left is about 10%

The pedal’s front end begins to sink down gradually to slow down and stop.

Information Prompt

Power and error

Power switch LED

Always on as the unicycle is powered on and  flashing as protecting

Battery level

Power LED

Four LED lights are all on when battery level> 85%, and gradually go out as battery level goes down.

Sound prompt

A short beep

A short beep prompts for the boot and continuous ones for low battery level.

Sound prompt

A long beep

Give a long beep when the unicycle is titled






Auxiliary wheels



1.      Main functional units:

(1)   Power switch

(2)   Power LED

(3)   Charging socket

(4)   Pedal (can be folded up)

2.      Startup:

Put the electric unicycle upright on ground and press down the power switch. Then the power LED and battery LED will be on, meanwhile the buzzer will give a “beep” sound to prompt for the startup, and then you can ride it.

If the electric unicycle has a front-back tilt when you press down the power switch, please wait until the unicycle automatically adjusts to the upright position.

3.      Battery prompt:

The electric unicycle has four LED to indicate the battery status: all of the four LED lights are on when battery level>85% and gradually go out as battery level goes down. Check to make sure that the battery is enough for your return trip before you go out. In order not to delay your time, charging in time after each ride is recommended.

When the battery level is below 15%, all of the four LED will flash, and the buzzer will beep continuously, meanwhile, the pedal’s front end begins to sink down gradually to force you to slow down and stop. At this time please do not restart the unicycle, to avoid sudden power interruption and the danger of fall over as the batter runs out.

The unicycle’s endurance mileage in winter will be reduced, as the discharge capacity of lithium battery in cold environment is reduced dramatically, e.g., when the temperature is -15degress Centigrade, its discharge capacity is just about half that at normal temperature.

4.      Speed limit protection

In order to reduce the risk of falls at high speed, the unicycle has set the maximum speed. When your travel speed exceeds 12km/h, the pedal’s front end will be gently raised up as the speed increases, and when the speed reaches 18km/h, the raising angle is near 10 degrees, and now you can hardly accelerate by leaning forward. As the speed goes down, the pedal will again gradually reduce its raising angle.

Note: when the speed is close to the upper limit, please do not force to lean forward to accelerate, so as to avoid the risk of falls!

5.      Tilt protection

When the unicycle’s tilt angle exceeds 45 degrees, e.g., the unicycle falls over to one side, the control system will start the tilt protection and the motor will immediately stop working to prevent the high-speed spinning motor from hurting you. After the tilt protection is started, the buzzer will give a long beep and the LED on the power switch will keep flashing.

To disarm the protection state, you need just to switch off the power and restart the machine again.

6.      Charging

Every time you charge the unicycle, remember to insert the charging plug of the charger into the charging hole before connecting an AC power, otherwise the charger won’t be started. This can avoid potential risks and make the charging safer.

Our electric unicycle is configured with a high-power charger. Normally the charging can be completed in just 60 minutes, and 80% can be charged in about 50 minutes. A red LED light indicates that the charging is going on and a red one means it is completed.

If you are not in urgent need, please wait until the charging is completed, because at latter stage of the charge, the battery board will perform voltage balance maintenance for the battery.

7.      Waterproof

This unicycle’s waterproof grade is IP56. Please do not make it sink in water or ride in the rain for a long time.

V. Maintenance

1. Storage

Do not put the electric unicycle in damp place. If you will not use it for a long time, it is recommended to charge it once every two months to keep the battery’s vitality.

2. Inflation

Normal pump cannot inflate the tire due to limited air volume. To use it, you need to connect the extended inlet of inflation to the tire valve.

3. Replace inner or cover tire

When the inner or cover tire is broken and needs repair or replacement, please watch out for the connecting line in side covers and do not remove them.


A.    After the maintenance is completed, do not panic if there is instant spark when battery terminals get connected, which is an abnormal phenomenon.

B.     Do not open the cover at the side of the indicator if not necessary, so as not to damage the internal circuit.

VI. Warranty

Please properly keep the warranty card and purchase invoice for after-sales services.

For damages and failures caused by non-human factors we shall provide:

1.      3-year warranty for the whole unicycle, except the battery and consumables.

2.      2-year warranty for the battery; half a year for consumables like inner and outer tires.

The following circumstances are in the scope of warranty:

1.      Faults caused as the user fails to use, maintain or adjust the unicycle as provided in the manual;

2.      Damages caused as the user modifies or repairs the unicycle or fails to follow the use manual;

3.      Faults caused as the user fails to keep the unicycle properly or by accident;

4.      The use has no warranty card and purchase invoice;

5.      Appearance damages caused after use are not in the scope of warranty;

6.      Wear parts not in the scope of warranty;

7.      Damages caused by long-time riding in the rain or soak in water.

How to ride the unicycle:

1.      Place the unicycle on a flat ground and stabilize it.

2.      Hold the unicycle with one hand and unfold the pedal with the other hand.

3.      Stabilize the unicycle again and turn on the power switch.

4.      Hold the unicycle with one hand and place the stronger foot on pedal, while the other foot as a support.

5.      Get your hand off the unicycle and control it with the foot on pedal and use the other foot to support yourself and use the reactive force to accelerate.

6.      After starting up the unicycle, control it with one foot and the other foot step on after that.

7.      Beginners may install auxiliary wheels on the pedal to keep balance.

!!! Special remarks:

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Additional Information



Brand Name


Range per Power

10 – 30 km

Frame Material

Carbon Steel

Wheel Size




Max Speed



Standard Type


251 – 350w

Rated Passenger Capacity

One Seat



Power Supply

Lithium Battery



Model Number



be cased