MTB Hydraulic Line Pulling Disc Brakes Set 160mm 140mm 180mm Bike Calipers G3 HS1 Rotors Bicycle Parts


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As shown in the purchase picture: including wrench and screws
–The caliper comes with brake pads, if you want to stock replaceable brake pads, please buy BLOOKE brake pads


If you need to assemble a 140mm or 180mm converter, please contact customer service, or take a note when buying

Brand: ZOOM
Model: HB-100
Color: red, blue, gold, purple, black
Adapter Size: Front 160mm, Rear 160mm
Category: hydraulic wire puller
Front clamp weight: about 194g
Rear clamp weight: about 199g
Braking method: dual-piston bidirectional braking
* HB-100 uses a new hydraulic wire pull technology,
* The cylinder block of HB–100 is built-in brake oil, and then through the brake inner line
To control the hydraulic caliper brake.
* Brake fluid is built into the cylinder of the caliper, which is the same as the common oil disc caliper on the market.

*Remove the abrasive block before installation,
*During the installation process, do not pinch the brakes, otherwise the pieces will overlap and need to refilled oil.

Unilateral Drive: uneven heating, easy to deform discs, limited braking force.

Bilateral drive: uniform heating, keeping the center from deformation, smooth braking, and strong force

Pistons on both sides, manual stroke adjustment

BLOOKE -brake pads⬇

Replaceable the original brake pads

* Each disc/rotor is equipped with 6 screws, a pair of discs has 12 screws

5mm allen key :
Material: Steel
* For a bicycle brake Caliper mounting screws.
* 5mm Allen key as a gift for each package

T25 disc wrench :
Name: T25 wrench / spanner Torx
Material: Steel
* For a bicycle disc mounting screws.
* T25 Wrench as a gift for each Package containing Brake Rotors.

MTB Hydraulic Line Pulling Disc Brakes Set 160mm 140mm 180mm Bike Calipers G3 HS1 Rotors Bicycle Parts

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Front Black, Rear Black, Front Rear Black, Front Gold, Rear Gold, Front Rear Gold, Front Red, Rear Red, Front Rear Red, Front Purple, Rear Purple, Front Rear Purple, Front Blue, Front Rear Blue, Rear Blue, a pair HS1 Black, a pair HS1 Gold, a pair HS1 Red, a pair HS1 Purple, a pair HS1 Blue, a pair G2 Black, a pair G2 Gold, a pair G2 Red, Brake pads two pair

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