Montain Bike Alloy Mechanical Disc Brake Bilateral 160 180 MM Calipers Rotor Set BMX Scooter Front Rear Bicycle Parts


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* The clamp can only be installed on the left side of a bicycle or scooter.
(If you need to assemble scooter, 140mm brake, please contact customer service)

product description

Product name: Bike Disc Brake
Caliper Model: S5
Compatible brake pads: BLOOKE BLK-01
A caliper Weight: 230g
Caliper Color: Black
Caliper Size: 160 180
System: Double-Side Mechanical wire-pull
Rotor Model: G3 / HS1
Rotor Size: 160mm 180mm
Features: 1.Double-action piston
2.wire-pull disc brake
3.strong braking force
4.Increase the adjustment knob

BLOOKE -brake pads⬇

Replaceable the original brake pads

Package Included

The package detail is shown in the color selection diagram (Gift wrench)

Show details ⬇

Adjustment knob design, Can be manually fine-tuned directly

Adopt 4mm Hex Allen Key adjustment, here is already designed by the manufacturer, it is not recommended to adjust randomly under normal circumstances

High strength cast aluminum alloy calipers

Double – sided drive structure,
unique elastic tie bar innovative design

Installation type ⬆

51mm standard mounting and 74.2mm column mounting

Quick replace brake pad design

How to distinguish between Front and Rear?

Please refer to the figure below for reference. If you meet these two specifications( Fork & Frame), you can install it.

A-pillar 75mm (Distance from hole center)
B-pillar 51mm

installation steps

①.Loosen the screws and install the rear caliper to
On the disc brake bracket of the bike frame. Lock
screw, Check that the part of the caliper can move

②.After the brake cable is fixed, Make sure the excess lines are not over, Exceeding please cut off.

③. After fixing the brake cable, After moving the catheter down, Return the catheter to its original correct position.

④. Make sure that the barrel adjuster is fully rotated before installing the line.

5. The ideal ratio of the disc to the outside of the groove is: 1/3 and 2/3.

6. Turn clockwise inside (near the wheel)Knob ,until the disc is inside the caliper Right position. Note that the disc is inside the caliper Whether it is centered.

7. Turn the adjustment knob on the outside ,until it is stable to Squeeze the disc and the inner brake pads together. The caliper can be locked in the current position, After a while, the brake pads will be unscrewed.

8. Tighten the two screws at this time. Turn the two screws alternately, Balance calipers and until they are tightened.


5mm allen key :
Material: Steel
* For a bicycle brake Caliper mounting screws.
* 5mm Allen key as a gift for each package

T25 disc wrench :
Name: T25 wrench / spanner Torx
Material: Steel
* For a bicycle disc mounting screws.
* T25 Wrench as a gift for each Package containing Brake Rotors

Montain Bike Alloy Mechanical Disc Brake Bilateral 160 180 MM Calipers Rotor Set BMX Scooter Front Rear Bicycle Parts

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