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¥ 50.00¥ 8.00¥ 238.00¥ 9.00¥ 28.00Germany flott Flatt wooden balance bike children scooter foot car¥ 190.00Foreign trade of the original single wooden toys melissa &¥ 45.00Early childhood educational wooden …

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germany flott flatt wooden balance bike children bicycle pedal car scooter car walker-balance car

¥ 50.00
¥ 8.00
¥ 238.00
¥ 9.00
¥ 28.00
Germany flott Flatt wooden balance bike children scooter foot car
¥ 190.00
Foreign trade of the original single wooden toys melissa &
¥ 45.00
Early childhood educational wooden toys melissa & do
¥ 56.00
Melissa Doug brand bunk trailer transport workers
¥ 38.00
Wooden Toys Melissa & Doug Pizz
¥ 50.00
French exports of iron baskets of fruits and vegetables honestly honestly happy children play house wooden
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¥ 58.00
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FLOTT Brand History

FLOTT, Was born in the last century70‘s, Formerly known German sporting goods businessS.I.CThe company’s core brands.

1975YearsFLOTTSkiing products available ;

1985YearsFLOTTOUTDOOR sports goods become Germany’s Federal Consumer Association recommended products ;

1986YearsFLOTTGermany to accept a full range of sporting goods products tested foundation testing, was named"Quality"Level and released in his famous magazine "test" and the official line ;

1989YearsFLOTTStart series production and management includes skating , ball sports small equipment such as integrated product quickly cover the major German sporting goods store ;

1990YearsFLOTTBrand sold in major European countries began ;

2007YearsKOLN STURDY SPORTS EQUIPMENT CO., LTDSuccessful mergerFLOTTBrand, product comprehensive coverage of European regions ;

2009YearsKOLN STURDY SPORTS EQUIPMENT CO., LTDGuangzhou robust mandate Sporting Goods Co., the exclusive carrierFLOTTBrand,FLOTTFull access to the Chinese market .

FLOTT brand positioning

FLOTTAs a long history of professional sports brand , focusing on the combination of technology and movement, committed to provide consumers with the most cost-effective products . Its sales channels is very extensive, with department stores , international supermarket chains and large sporting goods stores mainly.

FLOTT product structure

For nowFLOTTProduct lines include thousands of products on twelve major series skating , basketball, soccer, volleyball , badminton, tennis, table tennis , bodybuilding , boxing, outdoors , skiing and swimming. Among them ,FLOTTSkating products for world-renowned brands ,Focus on product design combines ergonomics and mechanics, advanced features , with dozens of patents.

Baby Properties

[ Main material ] Wood
[ Product Specifications ] Product Size : 75 * 35 * 50cm
[ Age ] 3-8 years old
[ Colour ] Blue Pink
[ Packing list ] A description of a bicycle

Baby Properties

[ Main material ] Wood
[ Product Specifications ] Product Size : 75 * 35 * 50cm
[ Age ] 3-8 years old
[ Colour ] Blue Pink
[ Packing list ] A description of a bicycle

Buyers must-read

What children learn the benefits of cycling ?
Learn how to ridewooden training bikeWill enhance your child ‘s motor skills and to balance the master. In China market , there is no a way to balance training for children , but also fitness, scooter toys.The sooner acceptable balance training , the stronger the body’s balance .Three bikesThis training not to children. Trojan but can not .ScooterStanding glide , high center of gravity when taxiing , directional control is not good , and small wheels , so security is not strong enough , the general5Or so years old to use .Ordinary children’s bicyclesThere pedal and chain, and must have the speed to stabilize , low speed stays easy to pedal his legs tripping . Moreover , the focus must be high enough to make double foot pedal when not touching the ground. So below5Children aged unusable .

Europeans took note of the above problems; And when the bike was first invented in the United Kingdom , it is not with the pedal and chain . So they designed this non- chain and pedal bikes. Because your feet stays, the focus can be very low, legs driving , speed can be freely controlled .2Child -year-old will be able to quickly learn .Car is very small , there are three handle, weight only4Kg , very convenient to carry . Mom and Dad walks, the park , when the children can ride followed . Do not back up , do not hold up . Cycling exercise more , reduce the appearance of chubby pier .

Chinese kids getting high , legs fitness is very important.2-5Positive leg between the age of rapid development, in cars , his legs no longer bear the weight pressure , help children grow taller , especially in favor of leg-type fitness .

Playwright recommended :This bike is for children to use, that is to say she will not ride a real bike when playing . Quality and workmanship are impeccable, super wind pulling a wooden car ! Household and gift choice ! Children under 2 years -5 years old : wooden stroller AgesThis has long been popular in Europe and America wooden children’s bicycles , safety and environmental protection , access to EUCECertification and GermanyGSCertification each year in the United States and Europe sales reached hundreds of thousands of pieces .

Wooden bike , EVA handle sets , PU seat with car basket , bell and flagCool style wooden bike , coupled with the bright colors of fabric twists tall tail flag , given the pro- Lai won babies , but you can exercise your baby’s hand-eye coordination and balance .

Difficult to find this brand even from Baidu Encyclopedia can easily be found , one can imagine how much brand awareness , so regardless of your own home with the baby , or give it away is a superb gift, act quickly it

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Flott wooden toys wooden balance bike scooter riding car without driving / gliding walker stroller

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