Folding Bicycle dahon Bike Fka092 KONE 20 Inch Aluminum Alloy Frame Disc Brake 9-Speed Super Light Carrying City Commuter Cycing

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Dear customer

Welcome to the three seven outdoor store!

We are a bicycle shop located in China.We have real stores in China. We are not just an Internet studio, but a physical enterprise.We are real dealers rather than false middlemen. We have inventory. We have been engaged in the bicycle industry since 2015, and now it has been 5 years. Our enterprise has rich experience.

We support wholesale of all products. If you want to do the local market in your local country, we will support you strongly. You can negotiate cooperation with our customer service, and the price can be preferential according to the quantity you want. (Note: if there is only one, then the price will be the link price)

Note to buy:
1.About configuration: due to different production batches, some parts may be changed without notice. We promise that if there is any change, we will replace them with the same or better configuration.
Note: due to different production batches, slight difference in configuration and painting is normal. But we guarantee that 100% of them are genuine original and absolute value for money.
Note:The difference between configuration and painting and publicity pictures will not be used as a reason for return. Thank you!

2. About collision: before delivery, we have packed it strictly, but we still can’t rule out the phenomenon of transportation wear and collision. I hope you can understand! If parts are damaged due to serious collision, please contact us as soon as possible after receiving the goods, and provide pictures and videos. We will provide new parts for free and maintenance methods. Please be aware that transportation damage is not returned as a quality problem.

3. About customer service: the problem of rubbing or scraping paint due to transportation is an unavoidable problem in long-distance transportation. It can be covered by stickers or nail polish. The effect is very good. Parts are damaged
and photographed. Our company will solve the problem according to the specific circumstances and customers, such as products will not affect the normal use, and will not be returned as a quality problem.

4.When installing the bicycle pedal, you need to use a lot of force to tighten the pedal, otherwise it will slip. Please use the maximum force you can use to tighten the bicycle pedal.

5. About the logistics transportation timeliness: the logistics transportation timeliness depends on the busy and idle of the logistics. As some models of bicycles have magnets, they may not be able to use air transportation, but can only be transported by sea or land. Therefore, please consult the customer service separately for the logistics transportation timeliness, which is not completely subject to the transportation timeliness on the page, but subject to the actual transportation timeliness. But we will try our best to send the goods quickly, and urge the logistics company to deliver the goods for you quickly!

Note: Therefore, the logistics transportation time will not be taken as the reason for free return. Of course, we will deliver goods for you as soon as possible, and if you have requirements for transportation timeliness, you can contact our customer service first, and our customer service will be happy to answer for you.

6. Our company’s delivery personnel will check the good condition of the goods before delivery and record the video. If you have any problems after receiving the goods, please report them to our customer service within 48 hours after signing, and we will handle the problems properly for you! If it exceeds 48 hours, it is considered to be caused by human factors.

Of course, these terms are just to prevent some people with bad intentions. If you are a really kind customer, even if you reflect the problem after more than 48 hours, we will try our best to deal with it for you!

7. Because bicycles are huge goods, the freight is very expensive, so if you return them due to non quality problems, you need to pay the round-trip freight and 30USD packing loss for each bicycle. Thank you very much!

8. Due to different measurement methods and surveyors, the data obtained are not the same, and the various sizes introduced in the introduction of commodities are only for reference (including but not limited to: weight and size).
Small error in size or weight will not be taken as the reason for free return, thank you!

Customers who place orders agree with the above rules by default, thank you!

Do a business and make a friend!

Our company is committed to the best way for customer service, we will try our best to make you satisfied!

Folding Bicycle dahon Bike Fka092 KONE 20 Inch Aluminum Alloy Frame Disc Brake 9-Speed Super Light Carrying City Commuter Cycing

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