Flat Pedal Bicycle Bearing Aluminum Alloy Good Grip Lightweight 9/16 Pedals big For Gravel


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ZTTO JT01 MTB Pedal- Good Grip And Ultralight Flat Pedal

Durable, Anti-slip, Ultralight, Downhill design


Weight:about 339g/pair

What makes a good flat pedal?

What is essential for good grip on flat pedals? The pins of course. However, it is a common misconception that the number of pins is the only decisive factor to determine the grip of a flat pedal. In reality, the arrangement, size and surface of the pins are even more important.

JT01 provides a big, flat platform

Platform size in mm (L x W x H): 106x100x15
Pins per side: 9
Weight: 339g

The micro-recesses designed

The JT01 offers the best compromise between maximum grip and adjustment freedom and its conical pins allow you to move your foot without losing grip.

JT01 rely on a combination of bushings and ball-bearings to achieve an optimal compromise between shock resistance, platform clearance, pedal weight and price.

Strengthen axle

Thanks to the DU system. The axle increased to 12mm, which makes the pedal greatly increase the load limit. the axle combines one bushings with one sealed cartridge bearings to assure a long service life and unparalleled performance.

High Quality Grease

First, let me be clear. It’s not a good idea that a pedal can rotate a lot and it doesn’t stop. As we all know that viscous grease creates a little resistance. When you find that your pedal is spinning quickly, it means it needs maintenance. grease gives the pedal a longer life.More importantly, when you fly over the obstacle, the timely stop of the pedal will help your foot to step on it again.

Easter Eggs: We are considering whether or not to make a titanium alloy shaft version. If you are interested in this, please let us know.

Flat Pedal Bicycle Bearing Aluminum Alloy Good Grip Lightweight 9/16 Pedals big For Gravel

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JT01-Red, JT01-Purple, JT01-Titanium, JT01-Black


China, SPAIN

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