European And American Children 7-Inch Wide Tires Balanced Toddler Child Car Foot Pedal Line Skating Lane Two Dray-Balance … #2518-Owen

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Whole kind shooting Pirates rights reservedLittle Golden Boy Series : ( export to Europe and other States, Japan and other countries ) through Hong Kong every year disposable Quality and safety testing ACTS TestingTest , the product has a …

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european and american children 7-inch wide tires balanced toddler child car foot pedal line skating lane two dray-balance bike

Whole kind shooting

Pirates rights reserved

Little Golden Boy Series : ( export to Europe and other States, Japan and other countries ) through Hong Kong every year disposable

Quality and safety testing ACTS TestingTest , the product has a standard certificate of EN71 .

Small models: a statement made

Height : 95CM

Solemnly declare

After investigating these products are not sold in stores I produced products, but fake companyAppearance patent of a product, its close similarity90%,Confuse know the truth in order to achieve the purpose of users and dealers , seriously disrupting the market. To safeguard the interests of consumers and the dealers of the company , the company has made repeated complaints Taobao official , but there are still many businesses continue to sell this section walker .However, I solemnly declare that the company and its products have no relationship with the company , please pay particular attention to the majority of users , to prevent deception , for damages , the companyDoes not assume any responsibility.


Baby details

Color: pink / blue / red / white / black

Material: Aluminum risers forehead , thick steel frame , rims / 7 ‘ rubber tires

Product Size : 59 * 36 * 47cm ( height adjustable )

GW / NW : 3.6kg/3.1

Packing dimensions: length 51.5 * 12.5 * H 30cm wide

Further description of the product

Product audience what age ?
Designed for children 2-7 years old balance of the car , you can also adjust the seat convenient for tall kids to use.

Children learn the benefits of riding a bike ?
Improve your child ‘s motor skills and balance control for once your children grow enough to be able to use an electric pedal bike , they will learn how to use the steering wheel. Because they have learned how to master the balance is a perfect learning toys can make your kids have fun .

This product is for parents to ask what are the benefits ?
Sunday afternoon stroll become everyone can do. ( Usually in the care of the children’s stage we do not have time for a walk in the park ! )

Can adjust the seat height ?
Yes, the highest degree of regulation applicable to the relatively high child.

Need to assemble ?
Yes, but are very easy for everyone . Assembled together and the children enjoy the fun of it

What is the approximate weight ?
Weighs about 3kg.

Are there brakes ?
No, do not need to brake , kids feet can stop the body . .

Is there a pedal ?
No pedals , kids walk with their feet to make the body .

What to bring ?
Mom and Dad can take in the car trunk …

In China market , there is no a way to balance training for children , but also fitness, scooter toys.

Why China ‘s skater mostly the Northeast ? Why rock singer Zheng Jun Xian Ji skiing injuries ? The sooner acceptable balance training , the stronger the body’s balance .

This three-wheeled bicycle training for children can not . Trojan but can not .

Scooter is standing taxiing , taxiing high center of gravity , good directional control , wheel and small, so security is not strong enough , usually about 5 years old to use .

Normal children bicycle pedals and chains , and must have the speed to stabilize , low speed stays easy to pedal his legs tripping . Moreover , the focus must be high enough to make double foot pedal when not touching the ground. So children below 5 years of age can not be used .

Europeans took note of the above problems . And when the bike was first invented in the United Kingdom , it is not with the pedal and chain . So they designed this non- chain and pedal bikes. Because your feet stays, the focus can be very low, legs driving , speed can be freely controlled . Children under 2 years old will be able to quickly learn .

Car is very small , very convenient to carry . Mom and Dad walks, the park , when the children can ride followed . Do not back up , do not hold up . Cycling exercise more , reduce the appearance of chubby pier .

Chinese kids getting high , legs fitness is very important. Between 2-5 years rapid development of positive leg , cars, legs no longer bear the weight pressure , help children grow taller , especially in favor of leg-type fitness .

Special note : We sent out each item , are to undergo a rigorous examination of the owner to ensure that there is no problem only after packaging and shipping , the shop ‘s aim is : try to achieve zero returns, zero negative feedback if you have received the goods any questions, please contact with the shop , the shop will be the first time for you to solve !
· Shop are 100% in-kind shooting, WYSIWYG , or income more beautiful ! But does not rule out the computer color and other objective causes a slight color problem , in order to prevail in kind . So please consider relevant factors make another purchase oh. Please picky buyers buy with caution to avoid unnecessary trouble afterwards , such problems will not be used as the negative feedback , complaints, returns basis .

· Dear buyers ‘ attention : courier parcel , please check the package is intact , in case the bag is damaged, please do not sign immediately and contact the owner , otherwise the courier company will not be responsible for damages !

· Buyers Before buying any products , please confirm their own desired size and color of the product . Replace if necessary , please do not remove the listing and destruction packaging must not affect the situation in order to replace the second sale , delivery of goods sent back to a single number to tell the shop )

Attention to it ! ! ! Please keep the receipt parents during the normal cell phone or phone to answer Oh ! Otherwise, the courier can not contact you may delay delivery da ! ^ _ ^

Contact: Tel : 13587140756

QQ: 448222686

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Pink + blue red white + silver round silver round


3 years of age