Bicycle Groupset 12 Speed Rear Derailleur 9-50T Cassette ULT Group Set Mountain Bike Shifter


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COLORS : Rainbow / Black

WEIGHT:   Derailleur   287g

                Shifter 138g

                Chain 256g

Cassette : XD 9-50T ULT pro about 388g
XD 9-50T ULT about 375g
XD 9-50T L about 532g

Option1 (XD 9-50 ULT pro 1×12 Set)= shifter + derailleur + XD 9-50T ULT pro Cassette+ 12 speed EL chain
Option2 (XD 9-50 ULT 1×12 Set)= shifter + derailleur + XD 9-50T ULT Cassette+ 12 speed EL chain
Option3 (XD 9-50 L pro 1×12 Set)= shifter + derailleur + XD 9-50T L Cassette+ 12 speed EL chain
Option4 (1×12 Set)= shifter + derailleur

I think this is the most cost-effective 1×12 gropset


We have 3 option for the Cassette, L level, ULT and ULT pro. both of them is compatible with XD only. You can find the difference between weight, manufacturing process and tooth profile. What does ULT mean? That’s ZTTO ultimate series. The best of the best. The pursuit of the ultimate also makes it costly, so we have another option, the L level have more exciting price but also 9-50T.

Durable, Smooth, Beautiful

Both of them 11-42T is made of high strength steel. 50T made of 7075 alloy. Light weight and strong, a perfect balance. L level and ULT have same tooth profile, ULT is made of a single piece of steel, High precision CNC machining, which is make it lightweight. On the basis of ULT, ULT pro increases chain retention on larger cogs, chain will not fall when the pedaling back. Also increase thickness to accommodate greater pedaling power.

ZTTO L level 9-50T

It’s the only one offer 9-50T 556% range in this price.


Redesigned the hook shape, and it has a brand new cage, we can say goodbye to the hanger extension. this is designed for 9-50T, You can see it is so smooth and quick in the video.

Full metal body

95% made of high quality metal, a large amount of metal guarantees its strength and durability. the cable turning base is made of nylon to reduce friction and provide a more comfortable feel when you shifting.

Brand new cage and pulley

The new cage designed for wide range, the large upper pulley offset design maintains a constant chain gap across all gears, also we upgraded to narrow wide pulley with metal bearing. Attention, the upper pulley and the lower pulley are the same, but the install direction is different. Please install according to the chain running direction.

Straight cable connection

After installation, the cable hole is oriented obliquely upward to reduce unnecessary bending of the cable.

Shifter- One finger control

Just use the thumb to push and you can control the derailleur. Main lever max shift 4 gears in one pushing (to the bigger cogs). Small lever 1 click for 1 gear shift to small cog.

Ergonomics main lever and metal internal parts

Metal allows our shifter to provide a clear and direct shift feel.

Easy to change inner wire

12 speed EL Chain

Mass Compatibility
One for all. Compatible with 12 speed mountain bike and road bike. Comes with a pair of reusable magic link. Easy to install and clean.


With high-quality steel materials keeps the chain durable. This bike chain is stretch-proof and is able to withstand a little more wear and tear which means you can get more mileage of the bike chain.

Special Coating

The Rainbow coating significantly reduces wear from abrasives, and makes it easy to clean.

1. What is this product?
This product is a new 12-speed group set made from China. The most of the engineers in the R&D team worked in SR** before, and we have our own patents and technology that have not violated the patented technology of other brands.
2. How about the performance?
Our Competitor designed the GX/M7100, so we designed the 12-speed group set which provides a very sensitive shifting response and a clear shifting feel. this set can be used for 9-50T cassette.Not only that, it’s cheaper and lighter than the competitor which has similar performance. Therefore, I think this group set is very competitive.
3. Is the installation adjustment of this set the same as other brand’s products?
Of course. We’ll try our best to provide help to you when you have problems in installing. or you can go to the bicycle repair shop for help later to prevent damage to the goods during the installation.

Bicycle Groupset 12 Speed Rear Derailleur 9-50T Cassette ULT Group Set Mountain Bike Shifter

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XD 9-50 ULT pro 1×12, XD 9-50 ULT 1×12 set, XD 9-50 L 1×12 set, 1×12 set

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