Bicycle Bike Cycling Disc Brake Pads for SHIMANO SRAM AVID HAYES Magura


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Bicycle Disc Brake Pads For SHIMANO SRAM AVID HAYES Magura Formula Disc Brake

4 Pairs per Order, 4 pairs = 8 pcs pads with springs if it need or have springs.

1 Pairs pads for 1 caliper, 4 pairs for 4 calipers, except Magura MT5 and MT7, it need 2 pairs pads for one caliper

Resin Semi-metallic, Sport EX Class

High performance, low noise semi-metallic compound mounted to a steel backing plate.
Our Resin Brake Pads is perfect for cross country cycling and daily commuting.

How to select the pads you need?

Depends on your choice, varies disc brake pads for different models. Please compared the pads with your old pads by size and shape.

As each link only provide 25 selections, if pads you needed are not in this link, please visit our store, or Order the Other model then message the request to us.

The Advantage of our brake pads

2 TIMES life than normal Disc brake pads.
Better heat dissipation, Ultimate Brake Power.
Noise Control technology is introduced.
NEW Formula, More copper granules.

Tested By TUV Rheinland with EU Standards, EN14766:20052

Bicycle Bike Cycling Disc Brake Pads for SHIMANO SRAM AVID HAYES Magura

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015-ZOOM, 002-BB7, 003-BB5, 004-M446, 005-M596, 006-M785, 007-HFX-9, 022-CodeR, 027-Stroker, 028-X2, 021-X0, 018-M640, 010-R1, 034-MT5 MT7, 014-IOX, 036-Force22, 001-E1, 038-Round, 039-Boli, 045-E4, 041-HopeV4, 944-RS805, 044-DB1, Other Models

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