Balance Stampede Car Nursery Sensory Integration Training Equipment Four Balance Bike Balance Bikes Sensory Integration … #1847-Logan

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Business promotion , promotion time :2014 -01-01 08:00 2014-01-22 Twenty three:59A price:570.00 yuanPromotion Price: 541.50 yuanKindergarten children playground Naughty RoomThe baby slide slippery slide amusement park swingToy free …

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balance stampede car nursery sensory integration training equipment four balance bike balance bikes sensory integration equipmen

Business promotion , promotion time :2014 -01-01 08:00 2014-01-22 Twenty three:59
A price:570.00 yuan
Promotion Price: 541.50 yuan
Kindergarten children playground Naughty Room
The baby slide slippery slide amusement park swing
Toy free shipping
A price:370.00 yuan
Promotion Price: 351.50 yuan
Kindergarten children playground Naughty Room
The baby slide slippery slide amusement park swing
Toy free shipping
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Name : Balance bikes

Color: red / yellow / green / blue / color is random delivery oh !

Size : 35 * 45 * 60cm

Material: Plastic + iron

Origin: Wenzhou, Zhejiang

Packing : carton packaging

Weight: 3 kg 5%

Features: Hand Held pedal length 35cm high 45cm total height of 60cm; bearing weight: about 50 kg , removable armrests , high stimulation bicycle : training children joints, muscles signal input , strengthen children’s coordination and confidence. Babe is a city on the pedal , is the same. ( If no color is specified, random delivery )

Note : The system is set to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and freight , the rest of the country are required to contact customer service.

OUR all goods pictures taken in kind, as far as possible consistent with the actual commodity , but since the shooting light , angle, display color deviation , resulting in kind may exist some color photograph , the final color with actual goods shall prevail.
Our large number of commodities distribution , inventory subject to change on a daily basis , such as the case of captured goods , please forgive me !

The default shipping is generally against Jiangsu, Zhejiang region , other regions , please contact customer service , customer service without consulting their own right not to take our delivery, thank you. ( Bulky items go logistics, after the arrival from mentioning )

Tel : 15058702070

QQ: 543068521

Want Name : large play toy sales

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