Adult Electric Bicycle 2 Wheels Electric Bicycles 12” 48V 350W White/Red/Pink/Black Portable Electric E-Bike Detachable Battery


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Product Size: 12 Inch Solid Tire
Color: Black/Pink/White/Red
Power Motor: 350W Brushless Motor
Battery Capacity: 8AH/10AH/15AH 20AH Lithium Battery

Max Range: 8AH: About 20-25KM

                     10AH: About 30-40KM 

                     15AH: About 50-60KM
                     20AH: About 70-80KM (depends on the weight, speed, road condition and Weather. Test made on rider's weight of 50kgs)
Max Speed: about 25KM/H
Voltage: 48V   
Charging Time: About 6-8H
Net Weight: about 30KG
Expand Size: 120*22*105cm
Climbing Angle: About 20°
Package included: Electric Scooter, Power Charger.
Feature: Front and Rear Shock Absorber, Smart LCD Display, USB Charging Port, LED Headlight, Tailight, Folding Handlebar, With Large Storage Basket, Three Comfortable Seat, Anti-theft Alarm System, Three Riding Modes, Removable Battery, Mechanical battery anti-theft lock.

 Three-seater electric bicyclefor more convenient travel

 Note: manual measurement, the data has small errors

Details decide the quality
Multifunctional LCD display screen

48V power lithium battery
Removable battery/18650 lithlum battery
waterproof battery box /mechanical ant-theft lock

Motor provide lasting power
350W brushless toothless motor.
Waterproof and antirust
25km/ h
Magnetic steel structure with low noise

Safety anti-theft remote intelligent one-key lock electric bicycle
Remote lock electric bicycle, alarm lock motor. 
Battery adds mechanical anti-theft lock
. Double anti- theft is more secure

Special tires for electric bicycle

Double shock absorption front andrear, more comfortable riding
The shock absorption effect is remarkable,and the ride is not bumpy

 Foldable handlebar +foldable pedal

Daibot Portable Electric Bike 2 Wheel Electric Bicycles 12 Inch 350W 48V Parent-child Electric Scooters Adults Removable Battery (37)



1. The max range and speed differ due to the different weight of driver, operational proficiency and road condition. Our test was made by a 55kg driver on a flat and smooth road.

2. The product and user manual may be a little different according to different product lot.

3. Please charge the battery fully before the first use the scooter. In addtion, please charge the battery once every three months, even if you don't use the scooter, to maintain the battery fully functional and prolong it's life span. Water immersion, collisions, and other abnormal factors will eald to battery damages, which are not covered under warranty.

    US FedEx: Sea Transport 30-35 days (without updated information) + US FedEx 3-6 days

                      (unavailable area for delivery – PO Box, Hawaii and Alaska)

        EU UPS: Railway Transport 30-45 days (without updated information on UPS website) + UPS 3-6 days

                       (unavailable area for delivery – Spain Canary Islands of the zip code start with 35 and 38 )

                                                                           France 05000 and 05010 Gap

        CA UPS: Air transport 20-25 days (without updated information) + CA UPS 4-6 days


         Russia: 30-45 days (except remote area. You need to pick up the order by yourself if the shipping address is remote.)


The above is the approximate delivery time according to our experience. We will do our best to provide reliable shipping service and hope it'll arrive on time. However, the delivery may be delay due to Custom Clearance, Public Holiday, Bad Weather, Airline Strike, Hurricane Sandy and so on. Thank you for your understanding and waiting!

Adult Electric Bicycle 2 Wheels Electric Bicycles 12” 48V 350W White/Red/Pink/Black Portable Electric E-Bike Detachable Battery

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White 8AH 20-35KM, Red 8AH 20-35KM, Black 8AH 20-35KM, Pink 8AH 20-35KM, White 10AH 30-40KM, Red 10AH 30-40KM, Black 10AH 30-40KM, Pink 10AH 30-40KM, White 15AH 50-60KM, Red 15AH 50-60KM, Black 15AH 50-60KM, Pink 15AH 50-60KM, White 20AH 70-80KM, Red 20AH 70-80KM, Black 20AH 70-80KM, Pink 20AH 70-80KM


China, SPAIN

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