24 Inch Folding Electric Bicycle Lithium Battery Mountain … #7468-Sofia

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24 inch folding electric bicycle lithium battery mountain bike










the product introduction to performance of historybook

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whole    car : the use of wolf 24 trump Inches folding 18 speed disc type mountain bike coincidentally heavy 22 kg ( with battery ) . high steel frame , aluminum alloy double layer rims , aluminum alloy handlebar , one piece of the nationalisation aluminum brake lever , front and rear disc brakes , before the mechanical spring suspension . Mechanical variable speed day mechinice 18 adopt the speed transmission . fore-axle adopt aluminum alloy disc hub , make disc smooth running , the disassemblability more convenient possesses style elegant lines , novelty smooth , sportiness , Jew eco-friendly . brake good effect , comfort , light weight . equipped with china suzhou perpetuation of the yi motor ‘s 48v400w mountain bike special rim motor , the ceja motor with stable quality , life , be widely used in electric bicycle . book car with three lines, , cruise speed adjustment function . configuration three lights coulant displaying speed put , to remind bicyclists advertent the battery coulant case . 20a lithium battery bag the use of vehicle tube the socialization or one piece box loading optional , very easy disassembly battery down charge . handy artistic . the car another more discreet , appearance and general mountain bike risked , conductor are hidden in in finalize the , not see it out is a . electric bicycle especially suitable for cut line electric bicycle city of the young and a family of used . when not electric when , can be used as a car 24 inch general 18 speed mountain bike ride , ride briskly .

electric    machine : adopt china suzhou ‘s perpetual yi 48v400w none with tooth brush high speed mountain bike special rim motor , install 6 speed flywheel . the start of the , stable performance powerful gradeability strong , low noise , long life , hindchnnel balancedness .

controller : by the dead yi motor matching intelligent none brush controller , aluminum alloy shell , heat faster . with good time , thereby better more quickly processing control device overcurrent , fever , isoanomaly short circuit incidents .

lithium battery : original car configuration 48v 20a string lithium polymer battery , weight 2.5 kg , built-in battery protection board , possesses overcharge , underpressured protection , balanced charge , and lithium battery and extended battery long use life . furthermore , buyers must to a detailed read this web page in the lithium battery operating instruction aspastorale . "> note : forbids the lithium battery in the sun or 60 degrees celsius storage or use

charger : adopt lithium battery belt cooling fan charger , with long life , can be effective , safely for lithium battery carry on "> constant current piecewise charge , Do not use lithium battery charger to charge its , otherwise , damaged schistosomes lithium battery , can make the battery charger have explosion

sufficienty electric   : charge when charger by red light turn light becausr closed when a huaidan charger power supply , this time battery modulated full charge .

system   moving : fromages are used diameter 160mm , rear wheel adopt 160mm mechanical disc brakes , possesses , brake light operation .

wheel tire . ofchaoyang 24 & times . 1.95 tyre

gradeability : ge . 30 & deg .

solifugae   seismogenic : applied mechanical spring shock , shock absorption good effect , comfort , after : none

adjustable speed . dopts three lights or 5 lamp coulant displaying speed put .

net heavy : 22kg

total weight : even packing box 28kg

top speed : 3 0km .

range : 50km-60km . 20a lithium battery , optic have different specific wisest to

packaging : measurement seven layer stiffen carton 140cm long & times . 85cm & high times . 30cm wide

packaging : form scrap packaging , to foot pedal assembly of front wheel and thighed

color color : white and black








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Additional Information



Brand Name


Range per Power

31 – 60 km

Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy

Wheel Size




Max Speed



Luxury Type


351 – 500w

Rated Passenger Capacity

One Seat





Power Supply

Lithium Battery





Model Number