22 Inch Sichuan Beautiful Mother And Son Not Folding Bike Lash Car And Lighter Parent-Child Car Double Bag Mail Bicycle … #4513-Aiden

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22 inch sichuan beautiful mother and son not folding bike lash car and lighter Parent-child car double bag mail bicycle bike

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22 inch sichuan beautiful mother and son not folding bike lash car and lighter parent-child car double bag mail bicycle bike

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22 inch sichuan beautiful mother and son not folding bike lash car and lighter Parent-child car double bag mail bicycle bike



Baby Description:

 [Origin]: Guangzhou

[Rim]: thick aluminum ring

[Tire]: Taiwanese tire

[Cushion]: black \ u0026 black bag lady seat stroller seat package

[Paint]: electrostatic paint

[Brakes]; hold the front brake caliper gray line pipe

[Weight]: 15.5KG

[For riders height]; 22 inches; fit 150 —- 185 HeightFront seat suitable for children over 3 years old

[Drivers] Maximum weight: 170KG

[Frame]: high-carbon steel frame

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1 .OUR put the photos are taken in kind,Every detail parts are quite clear shot,Generally without much color,Of course, do not rule out because of the light and shooting levels resulting picture does not reflect the true colors, please kind colors prevail.

2 .I have engaged in the bicycle industry for many years, to maintain a good working relationship with many bicycle manufacturers, bicycle shop all are direct purchase from manufacturers, absolutely guaranteed to be brand new genuine and more favorable prices.

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Answer: Dear pro We shop the marked price compared to other stores although individual not the lowest in the industry, but our prices are basically reasonably low price, please parents who do not bargain, like bargaining pro shop bypass!.(In this prompt careful attention to the network pro-competitive or malicious hoax, to believe that the reason you pay for).

Q: After installing the car is good or receipt of spare parts What are the components need to be installed You can install a good ship it???

A: The folding bikes are assembled is good, just unpack the corresponding parts cocked folding clasp on it;MTB/Road vehicles is90%Factory assembled, because of packaging cartons, handlebar (leading), front wheel, seat, pedals these kind of accessories factory is not installed (front part of the branded product disc is not installed), you need to install your own, these the work is very simple, if you have the tools in front of our shop pictures can be assembled, if they find it troublesome words, find a repair point10To $30Element can be installed. Our online sales of car delivery can not be completely installed, as fully installed requires a lot of cardboard to packaging, shipping is very expensive, in addition it is easy to damage during transport.

Q: The car is in transit will not damage the paint?

 A: All of our bikes to ensure that new shipments of all, as we can not guarantee the paint problem Because the goods in transit are not we able to hold control of, difficult to avoid bumps in transit, I believe we can understand this. situation, but we will re-strengthening of the package prior to shipment, as far as possible to reduce the bumps, put into some small animal stickers can be used to repair the bruised, if certain requirements100%Perfect pro, I am afraid we really can not reach your requirements!

Q: aluminum alloy frame shop label (or steel), is a kind of aluminum alloy (or steel) it?

 A: We shop car specifications described in the labeling of what material or what type of accessories you receive is kind corresponds to this point you do not need more question, do we insist on honesty shop.

Q: I do not have Paypal, direct bank transfer it?

 A: No Alipay friends can purchase by bank transfer, bank transfer you determine the time of purchase, please contact us and we will try to provide peer-to your account But we must remember that after the transfer of SMS or phone to contact us. , we shall credited into account in determining the arrangements for delivery as soon as possible. Many of my friends do not worry about bank transfer after delivery, if you do not trust us, is human.

Q: The car is purchased with an invoice?

 A: We are selling the car shop is free invoice, if you worry about being questioned policeman, please Want to tell us in advance, we can offer to your computer to print sales orders to cooperate with the inspection,If you do need an invoice, the total value of the car to be added7%As the cost of invoice(This expense ratio in real circumstances)We ask the factory invoice to you.

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 A: In addition to bad weather and in special circumstances, we each afternoon18:00Point of delivery, at any time during the day because of shipping, logistics and express delivery are only at night to take the goods, we will be in the evening9Point before uploading invoice number, so please parents who do not have repeated questioning delivery, no delivery after a while asked,Please be assured that we hope to complete the work as soon as possible hands.

Q: Here you have to buy a car warranty How the warranty??

 A: All bikes are sold with a warranty, the warranty date normal quality issues that need replacement parts, buyer must return the bad parts shop,Our delivery and factory technicians after testing the new parts will be timely delivery to the buyer (bad man-made parts not covered by the warranty),7Within days of each bear half shipping! 7After days of return shipping by the buyers themselves. Of course, the quality problem is we do not want, but it is sometimes difficult to avoid!Hope parents who understand!


1 .Vehicle frame/Fork/Handlebar/Rim and other large open welding occurs naturally,Be replaced free of charge within six months fracture phenomena.

2 .FORK fender chain guard and other pieces of paint,If found to paint a large shed.Be replaced free of charge within three months.

3 .Ago,After,In three axes,Fork file Bowl,Flywheel such as crushing or flaking found,Free replacement within two months.

4 .Wearing parts.Consumables(Such as tires,Brake handle,Brake pads,Saddles, etc.)Do not fall within the scope of the warranty

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Tandem Bike

Frame Material


Fork Material


Rim Material


Applicable People


Wheel Size


Front Fork Type

Resistance Rubber (Medium Gear Non-damping)

Braking System

Double V Brake

Frame Type

Soft-tail Frame

Pedal Type

Ordinary Pedal

Net Weight


Gross Weight


Load Capacity


Length (m)




Custom processing





Carbon car

Frame Structure

Overall car


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